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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call



Fluorescence based mobile biological warfare detection systems

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Disaster management within the health care system

The objective of the project therefore was to define clearly defined dangers and then to carry out an inventory-analysis of medical and psychological…

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Geodata and security of Critical Infrastructures in Austria

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Joint public-private action is impossible without joint situational awareness and joint situational understanding

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The SAFENET-project concerns the making of a network for research and analysis of safety aspects, risks and threats that in Austria are represented…

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Development of a research methodology in order to survey individual and collective perceptions of threats in the population

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Critical Infrastructure Protection – Threats Posed to Critical Infrastructure by Terrorism and Violence-Prone, Extremist Groups

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StegIT is to frustrate the usage of steganography in combination with Internet telephony (VoIP) and mobile communications (GSM/UMTS)

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Trusted Computing

Embedded systems are playing an increasingly important role and have become a catalyst for change in the sectors of computing, data communications,…

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