KIRAS Security Research

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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call



Cyber-attacks are serious threats for organizations and entire nations. The project results enable political decision makers to implement specific…

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A water supply system is a critical infrastructure that needs comprehensive protection, since any failure or impairment has significant consequences…

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The study aimed at clarifying the dispute on potential health hazards associated with delivering electric discharges to incapacitate subjects, in…

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SafeCon - Safe and Autonomous Convoying

The R&D project SafeCon tackled the problem of safe and reliable supply and rescue convoys in dangerous areas

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To understand, analyse, describe, stabilise perceived security and to reduce social inequality within this field, it is necessary to use a complex…

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The KIRAS project SiS4You was dedicated to support comprehensive prevention of the offences burglary, intrusion, property damage, vandalism and…

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The project SKILL was a "Cooperative R&D project" including research, development and implementation of accompanying studies of a reusable delivery…

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