KIRAS Security Research

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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call


ASaP - Airport Security and Productivity

The project aimed to maintain and increase the high level of security of Vienna International Airport (VIE), while also enhancing its efficiency

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Government Voice over IP Attack Study

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MDL - Multimedia Documentation Lab

MDL’s primary goal was to make multimedia sources of information accessible to the Austrian Armed Forces

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The SimRad.COMP project had the goal of implementing new methods of civil protection by technical solutions based on Information and Communication…

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StegIT as fully developed anti-steganographic solution will make a contribution to the growth of the home security market, the increase of business…

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tripleB ID

The goal of the joint research project tripleB-ID is to help preventing, to detect and to support the investigation of crimes committed in…

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Urban Spaces of Transition and their Securities

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Common Situation awareness for public-private Security collaborations

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