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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call


B.PREPARED - emergency planning and decision-support in case of accidents involving hazardous substances

Accidents involving hazardous substances impose threats on the health of the population and can have negative effects on the en-vironment. Dealing…

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EASIER - Enabling and Assessing Trust when Cooperating with Robots in Disaster Response

In the context of the Security Research Program (Kiras) the project EASIER aims at increasing trust of first responders in assistance robots.…

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KI-SecAssist - AI-Based cooperative air and ground robotics for an optimised assistance service for emergency forces in crisis situations

The goal in KI-SecAssist is the development of autonomous assistance modules based on cooperative task management and various UAV and UGV systems…

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KIIS - Artificial Intelligence in the Penal System

The aim of the KIIS project is to create an intelligent system that provides prison staff with the best possible support in their daily work. To this…

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MRespond – Multi-User Mixed Reality system for flexible trainings of first responders

The goal of the project is to develop a mixed reality training system to expand training capabilities for first responders to create better emergency…

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MUSIG - Multi-sensor Information Generation to Support Crisis Management and Prevention

The FFG KIRAS project MUSIG focuses on the automated, AI-based derivation and fusion of movement information from geo-social media, mobile phone data…

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NikeMed - Nachhaltige Interdisziplinarität in Komplexen Einsätzen - MEDical treatment

The NikeMed project submitted in the Kiras tender includes the evaluation of emergency capacities, develops an application to optimize the supply for…

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Predicting landslides - Development of hazard-warning maps for landslides from consolidated data inventories

gAia aims to predict the likelihood of potential landslide occurrences by employing methods of modern artificial intelligence (AI) and develop a…

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Project CAVE - Community Engagement and Vulnerabilities in Coping with Epidemics

The CAVE project aims at determining and capturing vulnerable groups affected by epidemic events in Austria and to enhance their accessibility and…

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QKD4GOV – Quantum-safe Cryptography for Securing Governmental data

Establishment of a secure communication network between public authorities to investigate novel encryption schemes based on quantum key distribution…

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RAIDAR - Rapid Artificial Intelligence based Detection of Aggressive or Radical content on the Web

Exploring methods of quantitative and qualitative evaluation of online hate and radicalizing content in big data with a focus on LegalAI.

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RESIST - Digital pandemic and crisis management in drinking water supply

RESIST develops manuals and guidelines for cross-incident emergency management based on technical, socio-technical and digital approaches to increase…

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RIFIDAS – Rapid In-Field IDentification of Addictive Substances

Development of a handheld-tool for quick assessment and classification of THC- or CBD-Cannabis by police officers.

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SYRI - Systemic risk management and resilience planning for Austrian food supply security

The aim of SYRI is the first real-time systemic risk assessment in food value networks that are critical for the population. These networks consist…

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