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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call


CyberMonoLog - Cyber Security MONITORING and LOGGING Best Practice Guidance

CyberMonoLog develops best practices for cyber security monitoring and logging based on known attack techniques (MITER ATT&CK). The research question…

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Delorean - Electromobility in real-life practical use by the police force

The police currently have the largest vehicle fleet in Austria and their governmental tasks require an absolutely reliable mobility solution, the…

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DIGDOK - Digitalization of analog prisoner-related documentation processes in penal system

The aim of the project is to ascertain the status of prisoner-related documentation processes with a focus on their digitalization and automation…

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EPISTEMIS - Epistemic Security. On Scientific Expertise in Chronic Crises

Scientific expertise plays a central role in the Corona crisis. However, their organization and political function have not yet been systematically…

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G-Star - National survey on resilience in the context of complex crises

Survey capturing, analyzing and improving the cooperation structures of Austrian crisis management in extraordinary crises as part of an encompassing…

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ReaGtSion - Assessment of resilience requirements for goods and services of Austrian key industries

The project deals with approaches for the detection of disruptions and bottlenecks in value chains of Austrian systemically relevant companies.

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WLV.neu - Study pertaining to Art 9a of the Austrian Federal Constitution (B-VG) on economic (national) defense, with special focus on examining necessary legal adaptations

In the Austrian Federal Law Gazette 1975/368, the so-called comprehensive (national) defense was defined in Art 9a B-VG with its four dimensions…

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