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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call



The goal of this project was to develop a demonstration system of a multimodal system for the efficient monitoring of “large areas” like the areas of…

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C2DSAS - Command and Control Decision Support and Advisory

The Austrian research project C2DSAS (Command and Control Decision Support and Advisory Systems) focused on the development of software-based methods…

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A software prototype for the connection of the IT of the field forces to existing in-house IT-Security systems

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DESTRail - Prevention of Disasters from Earthquakes, Ship Impact and Terrorist Attack on Infrastructure of Rail Network

Traffic infrastructure is the backbone of our economy. The impacts of natural hazards, technological failures and human lapses threaten…

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The project ‘dnatox’ consisted of three subprojects: (1) LC-MS of toxic compounds, (2) LC-MS of DNA, and (3) software development

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FEIS - Failure Experience Improvement System

FEIS is a software tool which was developed in order to contribute to a minimisation of hazardous events and failures within water supply systems and…

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Flooding of municipal solid waste landfills in Austria — An environmental hazard?

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The aim of the project iObserve is to create the basis for future surveillance systems of the next generation

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The focus of the project RetoMod was air transport modeling of accidental gas releases in urban areas

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Simulation- and information system to manage Rescue units at disaster. nuclear, biological, chemical

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Investigation on the natural occurence of Tularemia bacteria and their differentiation from the biological warfare agent

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Infrastructure Acquisition and 3D Virtual Integration

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