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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call


AIFER – Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Response

The FFG KIRAS project AIFER focuses on the automated analysis and fusion of heteroge-neous mass data (EO image data, geo-social media data,…

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Artificial Intelligence for Improvement of Safety of Tunnels and Tunnel Control Centers (KITT)

Utilization of data of existing and future information and communication technologies for the safety-related monitoring and operation of tunnels by…

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CRYPTOMONITOR - Methods for forensic analysis of smart contracts and off-chain transactions

The goal of the KRYPTOMONITOR project is to develop generic cryptoasset analysis methods that support the analysis of smart contracts and off-chain…

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Detection of false information by Artificial Intelligence

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IKKRITI - Integral consequence-analysis for critical infrastructures

Goal of this project is the development of a control instrument for users in the safety and security policy area in the form of an "Integral…

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Artificial Intelligence for a multisensory solution to protect critical infrastructure autonomously

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LINK – Analysis and nowcasting of extreme weather events based on microwave link data

Prediction improvement of extreme weather events by deriving precipitation values from microwave link data by methods of artificial intelligence.

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Sustainable interdisciplinary use in complex operations underground - Subsurface Movement Control

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ROBOtic 3D-Mapping, Orientation and Localization for Subsurface Emergency Applications

The aim of ROBO-MOLE is to increase safety for emergency services and affected civilians during operations in tunnels and other underground…

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SCALA – Security in urban areas

In this context, the detection, tracking and countering of drones is an important task of public security. The SCALA project pursues the detection…

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SINBAD - Security and prevention of fake-shop fraud with measures of digital forensics

Prevention and fast warning systems are essential to protect consumers from fraudulent online shops. However, the reports from affected consumers…

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Self-organizing swarms of drones to support operations in disasters and in the search for missing persons

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UAV sensor platform for AI-based support during search & rescue missions

Interactive 3D situational awareness map for search and rescue missions in/around collapsed buildings. Detection and localization of victims,…

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WRITE - IT assisted search and comparison of handwritings

IT based solution which allows for the search of similar handwritings to expedite the identification of unknown writers by handwriting experts.

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