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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call


AQUS II - training and quality standards for security service providers

Development of job profiles and curricula with a focus on a possible apprenticeship and emphasizing critical infrastructure and major sporting events

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Deployment and training of personal tracking dogs (PSH)

Investigate principles for deployment of personal tracking dogs, evaluating the existing training program and obtaining information from other…

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Evaluation study to measure the implementation quality and effectiveness of the youth crime prevention program "UNDER18"

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Fokus Religion und Rechtsstaat

FORREST evaluates the extent to which the rule of law is accepted in Austrian society and to what extent national origin and religious orientation…

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Evaluation of the practical application of restrictions on freedom and alternative measures in risk situations in nursing homes

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Consequences of a long-lasting and large-scale restriction of Internet-based services or infrastructure

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Migration Ties

The impact of the milieu-affiliation of migrants on their transnational relations

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Measures to prevent radicalization & increase the resilience of young people in programs for labour market integration

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ROUTE - Cryptography for the Post-Quantum Era

The project aims to provide an overview of the state of the art in post-quantum secure cryptography. The scheme will be classified on the basis of…

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