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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call


BioCapture - Biometrics Capture Tool for Police in Mobile Use

The project BioCapture aims at optimizing the existing identification process carried out by the police during interventions of mobile patrols. The…

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CollEction, Standardization and Attribution of Robust disaster Event information (CESARE)

Event-, damage and loss as well as risk data are rarely intercomparable as they have been produced in most cases for different purposes and with…

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Crisis Management using Multimodal Interaction for Stakeholders and Citizens

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GIREKO – GNSS Interference Map Austria

Due to the widespread use of GNSS, it is necessary to have comprehensive information about occurring interferences in the GNSS frequency band.

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iLiKe - Intelligent Situation Information Portal to Support Disaster Operations

Intelligent situation information portal for the collection and targeted processing of relevant social media data for innovative support of emergency…

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K.REX: Knowledge Recognition for Evidence eXtraction

A self-learning system analyzes documents combining both optical/image and textual characteristics in order to simulate the human interpretative…

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Machine Learning of motion patterns in the penal system

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MALware cOmmunication in cRitical Infrastructures (MALORI)

Encryption in communications networks is a positive trend, which, however, implies risks whenever malicious software (malware) can misuse encryption…

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High-performance multi-sensor UAS data recording platform to generate a near real-time large-scale situational picture

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ODYSSEUS – Simulation und Analyse kritischer Netzwerk-Infrastrukturen in Städten

The project develops a multi-layered risk model for the analysis of cascading effects between critical supply networks in cities.

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PrEMI - Predictive Analytics for Emergency Call Infrastructure

Data analytics and predictive methods for optimizing the operation of critical communication infrastructures, required for emergency call handling in…

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PRIMUS 2 - PRS Informationsmodellierung und Server Konzept für Österreich

The Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) offers – compared to existing GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) - improved continuity and…

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Tragbares duales GC-IMS mit Multielement-Sensorsystem zur schnellen und zuverlässigen Detektion von versteckten Personen und Waren

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VR-Responder: Virtual Reality based First Responder Training Using Human Factors Analysis and Behavior Modelling for Flexible Real-time Decision Support

VR-Responder investigates the basic principles for the evaluation of the efficiency of applying mixed reality information technologies in critical…

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