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#UnitedAgainstHate – Morally Courageous Joint Activities of Young People Against Hate Speech and Cyberbullying

This study analyzes how online strategies of mobilization and interconnection can be used in an attempt to support young people to act in a morally…

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(No) Space: Cyber-violence against women in (ex) intimate relationships

Types, effects and the potential of support of “Cyber-violence against women” in the context of intimate partner violence.

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Community work as a factor of security in public space: understanding of effects and success factors

The project aims to generate scientifically sound findings on security-relevant effects of various approaches of community work in public space by…

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Current violence protection measures

The research project will evaluate current protection measures used by the police to prevent and reduce domestic violence especially against women…

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CURSOR - Cyber security exercise concept and framework

The aim of the CURSOR project is the conception of a national cyber exercise program for the analysis of (program) cyber exercises. This exercise…

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EvaReg – An evacuation assistance register for residents with special needs

EvaReg examines the need and acceptance as well as the legal and technical framework conditions for an evacuation assistance register for residents…

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Providentia – Raise of Austrian Safety Standards through “secure” Procurement

Development of a practice-oriented catalogue of measures for (public) procurers to raise safety standards with regard to products and delivery…

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RELIANCE – REsilient pubLIc wArniNg ChannEls

Resilient technical channels for the future Austrian Public Warning System

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Stratex. Strategies of extremist organisations in the education sector

The research project analyses the objectives, strategies, networks and the concrete approaches of extremist organisations in the education sector in…

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