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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call


AQUS Professional training and quality standards for security service providers

International Best Practices as well as national survey of the current status and target demand of stakeholders for the derivation of harmonized…

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Preferential treatment of selected organizations to maintain fundamental supply chains of essential goods and services in the event of a crisis

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ELFUM – Electronic Monitoring as a resource of modern sentence management – Possibilities of expansion, chances and limits

Electronic monitoring is a hope for chances for developments with respect to sentence- and risk management in Austrian prisons. Tangible steps…

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GENESIS - Guideline für Behörden und KMU-Anbieter strategischer Services zur risiko-orientierten Implementierung der NIS-Richtlinie

The aim of this initiative is to develop a risk management framework for the SMEs affected by the NIS Directive. The goal of this framework is to…

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Future challenges, technologies and requirements of Smart Homes in context of security

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KRIOPT strategically relevant Infrastructure - action plans and courses of action for the safety of responsible institutions in the case of an EU-external-investment

The acquisition of controlling shares of strategically relevant Austrian companies by international investors from Non-EU countries or sovereign…

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Identity creating functions, educational factors, added…

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kURAGE: Investigation of civil courage and its promotion through playful experiences

On the basis of the psychological factors identified in two field experiments, playful concepts for the promotion of civil courage are developed.

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