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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call


ACCSA – Austrian Cyber Crises Support Activities

The variety of news items, cyber security bulletins and crime reports (on, e.g., Ransomware, phishing, DDoS, CEO Fraud) in 2016 showed how complex…

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Participatory, Multimedia, Resilience-focused Tool Concept for Prevention of Ideologies of Degradation

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Be-Aware - Threat analysis for Austria with respect to the vulnerability of GNSS

Intentional interference of GNSS may compromise a significant part of critical infrastructure in Austria. Therefore, in this project, an overview of…

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The state of the art in the management of risks is heavily dependent on experts and can only depict static situations. CRISCROSS develops, partly…

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Cyber Security for Transport Infrastructure- and Road Operators (CySiVuS)

In this project, we analyze cyber security aspects of a comprehensive road transport infrastructure system which will be more used intensively by…

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Simulation of the threat and damage potential of explosive devices at the urban level

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Energiezelle F

Regional energy-cell- and crisis preparedness concept for the scenario “blackout” – energy cell Feldbach

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Finger-basierte Biometrie an österreichischen Geldautomaten

AUTFinger ATM is a project on biometric authentication for ATMs. Cash withdrawal at Autrian ATMs is currently facilitated by a two-factor…

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HUMAN+ - Ensuring Humanitarian Safety through a Real-time Situational Awareness Picture for Efficient Migration Management

HUMAN+ aims to ensure humanitarian safety by improving preparedness to migration movements through analysing social media data and imagery, with…

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High-secure long-term cryptography for wireless communication using channel characteristics

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Countermeasures to ensure air security for authorities and emergency and rescue organizations

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SmartID SmartIdentification – Confident Identification by using mobile remote devices

Bilateral project to use existing data on smartphones to analyze trends in trafficking routes and identification of individuals

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Forensic Methods and Solutions for the Analysis of Criminal Transactions in Post-Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies.

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