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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call



The critical refugee situation at present is considered as one of the largest humanitarian crises in the post-World War II era (UNHCR 2014). It…

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A public authorities’ network intends to ensure both secure communication between authorities and exchange of information and data in case of…

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The KIRAS Study “Cyber Sicherheit für zukünftige Verkehrssysteme” focuses on cybersecurity of autonomous drive and cooperative-Intelligent transport…

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Internet- and Mediarelated Interventions by Open Youth Work (e-youth work) as a Protective Measure against Radicalizing Internet Propaganda

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The project “ForStrat-Cockpit” aims at developing a web-based software-tool which will allow processing different topics simultaneously and…

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Modern Management in Police detention: Safe & Healthy Prisons

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Moral Courage 2.0

Mechanisms and effects of morally courageous interventions of teenagers dealing with perceived violence on the Internet

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Criterion Catalogue, Seal of Approval, and Cloud-Security Platform for Austria Starting Point

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Police and Age: Fostering the subjective sense of security of older and very old citizens in public space

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