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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call


ERiC - Emergency Response and Information Center

ERiC is aiming at the optimization of crisis management and work efficiency by developing a new interactive situation map, which is embedded into a…

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Evaluation system for the optimization of evacuation scenarios and intervention strat-egies of emergency services

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Reliable intruder detection within a safety zone is essential for the protection of critical infrastructures and provides ways to optimize the crisis…

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The goal of this project is the development of proactive defence measures to cope with the challenges of a rapidly growing number of malware samples…

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Open Security - Open Source Security Solutions Protecting Employees and Data in Public Institutions

Open Security should prevent the loss and (un)intentional misuse of sensitive, citizen-related data held by public bodies. The aim of our research is…

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Use of Open Information Sources (especially Social Media) in crisis and disaster manage-ment to generate knowledge for more realistic risk assessment

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Realtime analysis of cipher-suites in an HPC-Cluster with FPGA- and GPU-coprocessors

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The project aims on a self-sustaining energy supply allowing for rapid and easy transportation and implementation in situations of crisis or…

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RSB - Risk Management under Simultaneous Threats

The goal of the project is the development of a method for risk management in communication networks within or among critical infrastructures for…

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ICT plays an essential part in increasingly complex production processes and service chains. Our work in SCUDO has three objectives: First, we will…

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SG² – Smart Grid Security Guidance

The project investigates and develops methods, concepts and process models as well as software tools to minimise the risk posed by ICT threats, and…

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