KIRAS Security Research

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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call



AGETOR is a KIRAS-project to improve safety at major events. Movements of persons are analysed using big data sources (mobile communications and…

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Goal of the project is the spatial validation and securing of events in public space

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CIIS – Cyber Incident Information Sharing

CIIS aims to develop methods and technologies for the exchange of information on cyber incidents across organizational boundaries to better defend…

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Crime Predictive Analytics (CriPA)

Crime Predictive Analytics is concerned with the predictive analysis of crime and includes quantitative methods to identify patterns and dependences…

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The analysis of multimedia content, the reduction of the massive volumes of data into processable units and a holistic and transparent visualization…

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Enhancement of the effectiveness of response measures at the release of toxic gases

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Development of a cloud-based simulation and operations research toolkit which is integrated in the control information systems for tactical planning…

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Multimodal sensor system for event detection at hot spots

The subject research project will break new ground by offering a completely new, not previously realized approach. The event detector will analyze…

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Public Safety Net

The Research Project PS.NET assesses the feasibility and potential benefit of the usage of non-dedicated (commercially used) cellular radio networks…

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Resilience Enhancement by Advanced Communication for Team Austria

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Re.M – Resilience Monitor Austria

Development of a software-assisted method for network-based analysis and measurement of social cohesion and resilience of critical systems

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Smartphone Security

This research project focuses on more or less neglected topics of cyber security concerning smartphones, tablet-PCs and BYOD (bring your own device)

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The objective of TOPOS is to develop a tool to measure general trends of subjectively perceived security in any given region. This tool will also…

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