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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call



Successes and failures of large scale decontamination at Chernobyl will be documented and made accessible in a “Handbook of experiences” with the…

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The current ammunition of Austrian law enforcement agencies will be evaluated based on scientific ballistic experiments, (inter-)national enquiries…

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The study “PoRIS” will show the possibilities and the potential of transnational coupled River Information Services (RIS) as support tools for vessel…

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Comprehensive risk analysis for freight transport in the Alpine region and their effects for society and economy is addressed. A risk register for…

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Secure EGov

Already today, the significance of e-government as an interface between public institutions and citizens in a broader sense is an important one. The…

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SRA - Strategic Assessment Centre for Resource Analysis

The target of the project is the development of a “Strategic Assessment Centre for Resource Analysis” (the “Lagezentrum”), which should be understood…

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Virtual Reality Training for CBRN-defense

This projects aims at investigating how Virtual Reality (VR) technologies can be utilized to enhance the quality of training, reduce costs and…

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