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The recent increased use of contactless technology (NFC) for payments at the point-of-sale presents the police and the payment industry with new…

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The goal of this project proposal is to research innovative solutions for the identification, prevention and reduction of organized financial crime,…

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The aim of this project is to develop an E-Participation platform alongside the different security levels of eID-identification data like user name…

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In the last decade, Austria was increasingly affected by disasters like floods, mudslides and avalanches. Among the physical challenges during the…

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In the course of this project, two model systems will be used to present the suitability of stable isotope analysis (IRMS technology) in forensics,…

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Cyber-attacks are among today’s greatest threats to both the private and public sectors. Attacks that reduce the resilience of a product by…

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Goal of the project “Modentity” is to improve mobile document authentication and identity verification to create the person checking procedure of the…

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The increasing number of mass events poses new challenges for civil safety management. The aim of the project MONITOR is to combine airborne and…

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The aim of the bilateral co-operation project is to develop intermeshing programmes and technologies for effective prevention of and intervention…

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SECURESCUE targets real-time 3D 360° mapping of a disaster area for a disaster response using mobile exploration robots. The goal is to achieve fast…

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The project’s main idea is the development of an integrated system, which allows for simple and efficient discovery of falsifications. Thus the theft…

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Virtual Drug Trafficking – A New Challenge in Combating Organized Crime

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