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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call



Airborne data acquisition and surveillance system for security-relevant scenarios

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CAIS - Cyber Attack Information System

Main objectives of this project are identifying expected future cyber risks and emerging threats, evaluating novel anomaly detection techniques,…

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Since the amount of available information on the internet is continually increasing, manual surveillance is not a viable option anymore, which leaves…

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Control system for mass events with multi-sensor analysis for real-time crowd monitoring and short term prediction

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FBC - Future Border Control

Increasing world-wide travel capacities at airports pose new challenges in the area of border and security control. Motivated by these challenges the…

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Early-warning system for assessment of endangerment caused by landslides with respect to crucial infrastructure

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Location based service for analysing escaping crowds of people in crisis situations to support first responders

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Aim of development is a detection system for tracing hazardous and toxic volatile substances as personal protective equipment for task forces (first…

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PIK - Support in Crisis Situations

The fact that organizations involved in emergency relief (ambulance, fire brigade, police) are not electronically connected and cannot access common…

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SECRET Search for Critical Events in Videoarchives - interactive

Interactivity is the keyword for effective involvement of end users and their cognitive knowledge for video archive search. Comparing the increasing…

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The goal of this project is the design of a hardware solution, allowing the mobile usage of steganography through support of a dedicated hardware…

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