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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call


Stratex. Strategies of extremist organisations in the education sector

The research project analyses the objectives, strategies, networks and the concrete approaches of extremist organisations in the education sector in…

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When it comes to security issues public and private stakeholders have a common interest in collaboration. STRATFÜSYS has identified and defined the…

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Subjective Awareness of security / Insecurity in Public Spaces

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Urban Spaces of Transition and their Securities

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This project aimed at generating reliable data concerning the criminal acts of damage to property, robbery, theft, burglary, harassment and violence…

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Virtual Reality Training for CBRN-defense

This projects aims at investigating how Virtual Reality (VR) technologies can be utilized to enhance the quality of training, reduce costs and…

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WLV.neu - Study pertaining to Art 9a of the Austrian Federal Constitution (B-VG) on economic (national) defense, with special focus on examining necessary legal adaptations

In the Austrian Federal Law Gazette 1975/368, the so-called comprehensive (national) defense was defined in Art 9a B-VG with its four dimensions…

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